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Monday, June 27, 2011

Introduction to Vehicle Performance

The Whip's Retort has published a very interesting article on center of mass in marathon carriages.  While this may sound like more than you need to know, I found it quite enlightening:

Driving a gig, which has a very high center of mass, I have learned from experience that I can't take turns too fast.  People always remark that driving a gig takes a lot of bravery, but mostly it is a case of respecting the vehicle and understanding its limitations.  I know I'm not going to be the fastest through cones, so I adjust my strategy and try to find the best route for the gig.  This usually involves taking turns slower and tighter.

However, in the marathon carriage, there just might be a false sense of security for some folks.  Having the experience with the gig, I naturally drive slower and look for angles.  This article made me stop to consider a few things.  Of course, there are very many variables involved in any equation and when people and animals are added the results are bound to be incalculable.  However, I think this article has value and I hope you find it useful.

Kind Regards,
Michelle Blackler