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Sunday, January 10, 2010

J L Powell -The Sporting Life-

J L Powell Upland Sweater
"A great hunting sweater not only retains heat, but stories as well..."

Oh, yeah, that is hot.

J L Powell 3XDRY Bush Shirt

Who knew hunting was this sexy?

Notice the Horsehair belt- no harm to horses for production of such- see, there is a horse connection to this blog, not just a good lookin' man in spiffy duds...

J L Powell Leather Hoof Pick Belt
Yet another horsey connection...

J L Powell Camel Hair Trench Coat

OMG, yes, yes, yes, yes...[sigh], yes.

This blog post is only briefly influenced by horses. The first being that my dear new friend, Martha Stover of Here Be Dragons Utterly Divine Welsh Ponies introduced me to this superfly menswear company, owned by her brother in law. I snagged a catalog when I visited her in November, and just unearthed it from my computer case yesterday. Log on to the website http://jlpowellusa.com/index.html and request one! It is so delierously wonderfully produced, I sighed at every single page. The attention to detail and craftmanship is dizzying. After you get your catalog in the mail, buy at least one thing out of it. Now I'm not sure I know anyone who can spend $6k on a cashmere lined Coyote throw, but when you read about the lengths this company went to producing a $300 sweater, the cost seems reasonable...

"When we decided to offer the exact sweater that was worn in 1953 to the top of Mount Everest, it wasn't enough to find the very same combed wool from the Shetland Islands. It wasn't quite enough to carefully study the seamless construction. It wasn't enough to pore over the ribbing of the cuffs and hem. No, that didn't quite satisfy us, so we went out and found the original hand frames that first crafted this sweater. Is it all a bit daft? A touch mad? Perhaps. But once you slip on this sweater, authentic in every way, we think you'll understand the value of our pursuit."

I'm sold. Ok, now lets talk Qiviuk. The downy underwool of the Arctic Muskox. J L Powell makes a gorgeous hunky Fisherman sweater out of it for $800. Why...

"We're content to let others pursue fabrics that are the latest triumph of molecular science and petroleum. We'll stick with wonders like the underwool of prehistoric animals. The extraordinary Qiviuk, truly a fiber like no other, can be spun more than ordinary wool to create sweaters with a softness that is unmatched. The 100% Qiviuk turtleneck and seamless crew are crafted by Peurvians knitters who shape the garment to fit the body...a sweater that is completely timeless."

...because a great looking, well made sweater like this will last a lifetime or two, so the overall cost is less than $10/year. Now who wouldn't spend ten bucks to look that good? Any man that puts that sweater on is going to have everyone wanting to touch him. I guarantee it.

There is also a blog, for all you hunting, fishing, shooting enthusiasts, and it has some other nature things in it too. It is a well spiced mix of historical/days gone by stories with 100% natural material input from the haberdasher, himself, Josh Powell, who is a cross between Ralph Lauren and Sir Edmund Hilary and Ernest Hemingway. And he is the man in the photos.


Gentlemen readers, buy yourself something J L Powell. Ladies, indulge your man, just don't tell him how much it cost. Or break down the cost per wear. That's when indulgence makes sense, even if it's only cashmere socks, chaps. I can really see Bob Nervig sporting the Selkirk Coat, Todd Frey would be dashing in the French Lambskin Car Coat, Aaron Achenbach handsome in the Roosevelt Jacket, Mike Rider would be oh, so suave in the Qiviuk Turtle Neck and the Montana Drover Hat and who would turn out better than Michael Scott in the Suede Sports Coat?

Hey, maybe we could get you guys a gig modeling the clothes around the carriage house for a future catalog! The Sporting Life, The Carriage Collection! I'm contacting Mr. Powell for you! See, I still managed to end this about horses.

Michelle Blackler
Serendipity is an Accidental Sagacity Corporation company.

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